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Td42 silvertop 

12mm fuel pump 

Garret Gtx 2867r turbo on 24psi

Front mount intercooler 

Custom intake manifold

Making 230hp


5 inch coils 

Superior remote res shocks

hyperflex radius arms

And everything else is also all superior  

Tyres are 35inch BFG mts

The rest is your general camping stuff draws drop down MSA fridge slide etc

The darche 270 awning is my fav mod so far too

Had the car for about 3 years and almost finally finished the build 😁

Check out 


This is my 1994 ln106 Hilux which has had a motor swap to a 02 1kzte factory turbo motor and gearbox, converted to mechanical fuel injection with a 12mm comp pump. The Hilux is currently running a ct12b high flowed turbo and only pushing 15psi out the 3” straight through but in the next few months I will be tuning her to 25psi with a big front mount inter cooler. It has a red arc duel battery set up, 12 volt system and full sound system with amp, subs and big pioneer speakers. The front end is a modified arb bull bar and has trail gear braced diffs running 4.88 diff centres to push the 35” tyres. Also has ifs steering box and superior high steer kit fitted. The Ute has rock sliders and a custom tray which has been shortened for 4wding. The suspension consists of rears up front set up using standard rear springs giving the diff a 50mm push, banana shackles, shock hoops, 12” shocks and extended break lines. The rear has ifs model rear springs with 200mm shackles with a rear shock inversion bar running 12” remote res shocks. It also has a 2” body lift. 

The Ute has been my project for over the last 18months with many more plans due in the near future including a front locker. This is my pride and joy and have been building it with some help. She is a mix of tourer and play rig aswell as a daily. she still has a long way to go till I’m satisfied with the build.

Joel also told us that the family are about to hit the road with our caravan with a one way ticket to Tassie. Leaving Wollongong 2 November and sailing out 10th November.

We wish him and his family all the best on what's going to be a huge adventure for them 👍

2009 petrol hilux.

Arb bar work, long range tank.

Twin locked and re geared in 2 weeks🙌

3inch superior remote res shocks, extended rear shackles, efs leafs,  33inch bfg on 0offset fake beadies.

Rear drawer set up with msa drop down fridge slide.

All ARB bar work, stedi spottie, light bar, headlight replacement and fog lights.

ECU remap.

Hi my name is Debbie Sneyd and I am 58yrs old I was told I had breast cancer 5 yrs ago at the time I was driving around in a little swift, so i needed a new car my husband said would you like a Ford Ranger me only being 5 ft nothing said I don’t know so he got me one and I have never looked back as you can see I have a little bit of Pink 😁  my truck is so well known out there now for women out there to check your breast and I have meet so many great friends on the way. We have had a few things done from TJM back bar bull bar, winch, 2inch lift, draws and fridge in back husband did that himself,and E boards  love love them. Oh and my hot pink nuts sorry had to throw them in lol wet and dry seat covers, Airbrush on bonnet hydro dipping on guards and we are still going. But I can say I love my baby and hope you do too 😁 thanks guys I’m stoked Debbie

95 ln106 hilux

Originally a 2.8n/a but have gone to a 2.4td as the 2.8 motors havnt been able to survive much longer than 6 months in the Ute.

Mmp custom built turbo with 3" inlet, 35lb boost, high flow injectors, custom 3" staino dump and straight through exhaust which dumps in front of the passenger rear tyre.

BAPFAB built 3" staino snorkel to marry into the prerunner industusties windscreen light bar mounts, also built the staino crossover pipes.

Running the surf r series gearbox, ln167 one piece tail shaft, 4.3 lsd centres front and rear.

Have done a 3 link coil conversion in the rear using tmfab mounts and arms, surf housing, 80 series bump stops and 10" shocks, 100 series 2" progressive coils.

Using 2" rear leaf springs in the front with 200mm shackles, 10" bilstein shocks, dropped drag link, adjustable torque rod, custom built j-arm brace, braced tie rod bar, rtc damper and 2" wheel spacers to match the rear track width.

Running 35x12.5x15 federals on 15x10 neg 44 o hole sunnys.

Arb front bar i hacked up and modified, aswell as the scrub bars and side steps, comp style tray I slapped together, also built the raised rear bar.

All led lights, surf ssr front seats, Ford explorer single dickie seat mounted rear passenger side, full stereo system with 12" sub.

Heaps of other things that I've forgotten and still heaps more to do to it.

1984 Range Rover Classic 

3.5 twin SU Carburetor's. 

2" lift arch-m shocks and dobinsons coils

33" Hancook Dynapro M/T's

2 x 40L sill fuel tanks

Domin8r X winch

Twin Kings awnings

Kings roof rack


22" + 42" illuminator lightbar 6" rear

9" illuminator spotlights 

ARB rear bumper and ARB bullbar.

Home made rear drawers

2009 79 series 

The list of mods I’ve done is front and rear ARB air lockers on board compressor with 4l tank twin 4 inch stainless snorkels one connected to a high flow stainless twin pod jmax airbox the other connected to all the diff /gear box breather breathers 

2018 big hump bonnet Ironman big tube deluxe bullbar with scrub rails and rock sliders 14,500 pound winch on the front duel batteries.

Custom TC dog box  with high lift jack mounted on top with 60l fridge inside and tilt slide full lights and power threw the dog box all off pressure switches as well as charging stastion with 200 watt solar panel.

3 inch lift kit with 800kg Constant weight pedders springs in the back.

Running csa 17inch mags with 35-12.5 nitto trail grapplers .

Rear 12,000 pound winch under tray custom twin pillar pod with saas twin gauges boost and egt and oil pressure and water temp gauge.

Custom double din stereo with 2 amps running a sub and 4 6x9 speakers GME UHF with 4foot GME aerial roof basket with maxxtraxx and 2 7 inch light bars and a 42 inch light bar under the front. 2xl9 inch kings driving lights and a 20inch iron man light bar on top of the bull bar as well as led headlight conversion  

Also done the 3 inch gear shift extension aswell as a 3 inch stainless exhaust.

I think that’s about all I’ve done to it so far but heaps more to come.