Welcome to Aussie 4x4 Touring - for the 4wd community

Welcome to Aussie 4x4 Touring - for the 4wd community

Welcome to Aussie 4x4 Touring - for the 4wd community Welcome to Aussie 4x4 Touring - for the 4wd community

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Follow RACKSBRAX on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube

Follow RACKSBRAX on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube


Follow RACKSBRAX on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube

Follow RACKSBRAX on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube

Follow RACKSBRAX on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube

Easy to fit and super easy to use, The RACKSBRAX quick release mounting kit is a piece of 4WD equipment I wouldn't be without.

To be able to remove the rollout awning in a matter of seconds is perfect for me. I fitted my RACKSBRAX over the Australia Day weekend during our three month trip.

Now, five weeks on and 8,000km of tar, dirt, heat and pouring rain later the RACKSBRAX are doing their job perfectly. 

I used the existing L shape brackets fixed to the roof racks to fit the RACKSBRAX quick release hitch. Two nuts and bolts in each hitch and it was fitted.

The hitch holders are next, fitted to the awning along with the prop clips for when the awning is used freestanding. We'll do the free standing demo when I have Blake there to shoot and edit a video.

Included in the box is a second mounting kit so the awning can be taken of and stored. I'll post some more photos of the second mounting kit when we get home at the end of March.

The awning holders slide into the hitch so easy, insert the locking pin, which you'll never lose thanks to the metal lanyard and lock with the key.

It's that easy. RACKSBRAX, Take them with you on your next adventure.


GME XRS Connect 330c Review

Aussie4x4Touring / GME, XRS Connect 330c Review

Aussie4x4Touring / GME, XRS Connect 330c Review

Aussie4x4Touring / GME, XRS Connect 330c Review


Aussie4x4Touring / GME, XRS Connect 330c Review

Aussie4x4Touring / GME, XRS Connect 330c Review



With so many options and functions that the GME XRS connect comes with it makes us wonder where do we start. 

XRS connect is the first ever UHF CB radio with mobile app controlled functions and introduces new features such as creating and sharing scan lists, software upgradable via the app, keeping you up to date with the latest features and technology.

The new XRS Connect professional grade speaker microphone features a powerful 2 watt speaker, customisable buttons and a high contrast OLED screen showing off the amazing anti-glare display.

Designed and manufactured in Australia is why we have been using GME products for over 8 years now and with every vehicle we have had GME has been the go to product for us every time, and always will be our go to for our communication needs. 

Both myself Blake, and Garth have recently fitted a 80 channel UHF CB XRS Connect 330c, which keeps us perfectly in contact with clean communication every time we head out looking for tracks or even out on the long stretch heading to our next destination. Communication for us is one huge factor we take on board while traveling to be honest it should be a must for everyone.

The XRS Connect 330c are matched to ALL TERRAIN AE4700 series aerials from a 6.6dBi and a 2.1dBi, which we will get into more detail soon. I must say it really has blown us away with how well GME have designed and built such an amazing UHF CB radio such as the XRS Connect. 

Installation time (30 mins - 45 mins). 

As always setup is an absolute breeze with GME products, Even better the XRS Connect system is so compact its now hidden away behind the dash board and only left with the beautifully designed hand held microphone with the screen display and buttons at fingertip reach to gain all the functions that the XRS provides. 

Bluetooth connection ? 

That’s right your Android or iOS (iPhone) now connects to your XRS to open up a whole new world of communication via the new GME XRS APP that you can easily download free from the google play store or App Store. The app allows you to connect with others and share your location via the mobile device's GPS location. 

For example if you are already on the tracks or bogged and your mates can't find you turn the app on and talk via the XRS system and your mates will be able to pin point your location as long as they also have a XRS Connect fitted and have the app running. 

If you are thinking about getting an XRS Connect for your vehicle we highly recommend it you wont look back after upgrading your communication experience.

From an easy to use app that is compatible with most smart phones and tablets on the market so you can use your phone or tablet as a second radio screen, While reaching up to 400 different frequencies on your 8 scan list that you can save on the GME XRS Connect app and can be shared with other XRS radio users. 

Want more ? 

The compact device is software upgradable with your phone or tablets internet as long as your smart device is successfully paired to the unit you will always receive notifications of new features and upgrades that are available throughout the app, there’s no more slow software and you can keep track on what is new. 

Analogue frequencies are also an option with the XRS Connect with over 20,000 plus registered analogue frequencies including 



VOLUNTEER RESCUE and plenty more. 

Times have changed since the original CB radio and GME have taken the lead in communication. Since the late 50’when Standard Components was founded the company has evolved and invested in research and development so that by 2006 the company was known as GME (Greenwich Marine Electronics).

What does that mean for us as users of GME products?

A top of the line Australian designed and made UHF CB radio that isn’t going to let you down when you need it. 


Software Upgradable 

Create and Share a Scan Lists

Easy to use App 

OLED Microphone Display

2 Watt Speaker Microphone

Customised Buttons

Super Fast Scan Function

General Specs 

Meets Aust and NZ compliance

Frequency Range: 476.425 – 477.4125

Number of Channels: 80

Channel Spacing: 12.5 kHz

Operation Mode: Simplex or half Dulpex

Scanning Speed: 25ms per channel (40 channels per second)

Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms normal

Nominal Battery Voltage: 12 volt

Operating Temperature: -10C to 60C


Airbag Man Suspension

Coil Kit & Leaf Spring Kit Review

Coil Kit & Leaf Spring Kit Review

Coil Kit & Leaf Spring Kit Review



Coil Kit & Leaf Spring Kit Review 


We have travelled a lot in our 4WD's in Australia from high up North Queensland, down to Tassie we even ended up over in Western Australia. While traveling we are off the grid from time to time and the 4WD and caravan are loaded causing the rear end to sag down causing a light steering feeling and uneven loading in the vehicles, So we really needed a product to help us out a bit. 

This is where Airbag Man Suspension has helped out so much with our travels. There is nothing worse than traveling long distances with a bottomed out rear end Airbag Man Suspension removes the sag and lifts the rear end of the vehicle to manufacturing height standards. 


A lot of people think you only need airbags for towing, what if I told you that's not true. Airbag Man Suspension can be used for your 4WD to help carry the uneven weight in the back or front of your vehicle. 

Blake has fitted an Airbag Man coil helper kit to his Nissan Patrol that are fitted in the rear coils to help obtain a safe and comfortable ride while carrying load. 

You might be thinking why would he need airbags if he isn’t towing? From having a fridge and freezer, two eskys full, camp chairs, cooking gear, roof top tent, storage box, awning and all the essentials you need to get off the grid for a while the weight in the vehicle adds up pretty quick, so it was a no brainer that we had to do something to his 4wd in the case of a safe travel height while loaded and touring Australia. 

Coil airbag helper kit fitment time (1.3hr )

So by fitting Airbag Man Suspension to Blake's Patrol we have noticed a much safer load carrying while driving, braking has improved so much more and the best part was improved steering and handling specially with the control of the Patrols body roll being top heavy with all the gear attached. With such a simple fit its amazing how much the airbag man coil helper kit really has helped out so much. 


Garth’s Triton has been kitted out in the rear of the vehicles leaf sprung suspension between the chassis.

From loading the back of the Triton’s tub and towing a 2050kg loaded Jayco caravan. The rear end tends to sag quite a lot resulting in light steering and the possibility of the Triton bottoming out. 

Leaf spring airbag helper kit fitment time. 

( 1.2 hr ) 

Since Garth's has had his Airbag Man Suspension fitted he has noticed how quick and easy it is to control the levelling of the Triton which means no more spring sag and eliminates any possibility bottoming out with the caravan in tow, with unbelievable ride quality from the Triton and his caravan while his braking has also been improved and importantly piece of mind knowing that safety has also been greatly improved . 

With Blake and Garth's 4WD’s now fitted with Airbag Man Suspension it has given both of us more confidence driving in all conditions carrying or towing heavy loads while traveling. 


Many reasons why you should have airbag man suspension it will help you. 

Adjustable level control 

Remove spring sag 

Much safer load carrying 

Braking improved 

Better steering and handling 

Take control of body roll 

Prevents bottoming out 

Excellent ride quality 

Reduced tyre wear

That’s only a few to list. 

Airbags suit a wide range of vehicles with all sorts of suspension from leaf/axle chassis or inside a coil spring and even a full coil replacement. 

From recreational vehicles, 4WD’s cars, trucks and buses Airbag Man Suspension has what you need with their huge range of suspension products.

Don’t want to jump out and manually inflate the airbags ? Well airbag man has this part also sorted with On board air control.

With a compressor, valves ,switches to gauges and even an air tank on board they have made it easy to adjust your airbag levels from the comfort of your driver's seat and you can watch the digital gauge for the correct air pressure. How easy is that. 


Before inflating the bags check the user manual on the correct and maximum air pressure that is allowed in your blue coil helper airbags or  double convoluted leaf helper airbags. Over inflating the airbag will cause damage to the airbag. 

Compressors available from mounted type or a portable type if you like to jump out and fill the air bags manually. 

Airbag Man Suspension have been researching, testing ,designing and manufacturing airbags since 1995, with 24 years of knowledge you know that you will be getting the very best. 

Inside your Airbag Man Suspension package you will have detailed instructions to follow. 

It's highly advised to have a qualified person for installs and maintenance. 

Blake is a qualified mechanic so we had it all sorted with the correct tools and safety equipment required to correctly fit the airbags. 

However if you decide to fit them yourself please read the instructions provided with only 12 easy steps to install. 

Head over to Airbag Man Suspension today and get yourself a set for your vehicle.


Airbag man suspension have covered over 41 makes of vehicles for airbags with a guarantee they will have what you need for all your airbag needs. 

With Dunlop and Firestone materials used in the airbag man suspension you really can't compare to anything else airbag man suspension has it all and it will not disappoint you. 

Airbag man have spent the time and have published over 140 plus videos on their YouTube channel from.

How to fit correctly 

How to inflate and deflate correctly 

Maintenance on your airbags and plenty more link below so you can have a look for yourself. 


Still unsure if you need airbag man suspension ? 

Ask yourself these questions. 

• Does my vehicle sag in the rear while loaded ?

• Does my vehicle experience light steering while loaded ?

• Does my vehicle lack braking performance while loaded ? 

• Experience a rough ride quality while loaded ?

• Always bottom out while towing ? 

• Do you want to improve the vehicle while towing ? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions head over to www.airbagman.com.au and start taking control while carrying or towing a load.

Blake's Patrol

Coil Kit & Leaf Spring Kit Review

Coil Kit & Leaf Spring Kit Review

Garth's Triton


EZY Q & Aussie4x4Touring

EZY Q Spit Roaster / Rotisserie

EZY Q Spit Roaster / Rotisserie


EZY Q flat pack fire pits and BBQ's are the only cooking and campfire products the Aussie4x4Touring team use. 

Blake has the spit roaster and Garth has the Fire Pit - with the Stainless Steel Hot Plate.

We like the EZY Q cause they are flat packed so they take up little room in the back of the rig, Assembly is so easy with the parts sliding into eachother, all EZY Q's are made with Australian steel and made here in Australia.

So, if your doing the lap, weekends away or having a quiet weekend at home make it awesome with an EZY Q.

Click on the EZY Q logo to find out more.

EZY Q Spit Roaster / Rotisserie

EZY Q Spit Roaster / Rotisserie

EZY Q Spit Roaster / Rotisserie


We've given the roaster a good workout, Beef, chicken and our favourite, Lamb. (Blake's special recipe is on the what's cooking blog on the website). What an awesome way to spend the afternoon with the smell of the slow cooking lamb and making the other campers jealous. The EZY Q also draws a crowd so sit back with a cold one and enjoy the cooking.

EZY Q Spit Roaster / Rotisserie

EZY Q Fire Pit / BBQ


EZY Q Fire Pit / BBQ

EZY Q Fire Pit / BBQ

EZY Q Fire Pit / BBQ


This is the most practical Fire / BBQ we've used. Assembled in seconds, a small quantity of wood and your set. The adjustable stainless steel hotplate heats up quick and soon you've got breakfast, lunch or dinner done.

We cooked up sausages and chicken kebabs for an easy meal at home. The Fire Pit cools quick too. Slide the pieces apart brush off the ash pack away for the next fire or BBQ.

EZY Q Fire Pit / BBQ


Street Guardian Auxiliary Display Unit

SGGGPSAD2 Digital Auxiliary Display Unit


I installed an Auxiliary Display Unit in the Triton a few weeks ago.

What an awesome little unit. It took just a minute to install and starts to work as soon as you get moving.

There is 4 different mode settings, my favourite is the one that shows 9 different readings from the direction you are heading, speed (yes it's more accurate than your speedo), distance driven, trip time (stop, revive, survive) and height above sea level.

Multiple speed alerts can be set on the unit which is great for going up and down the highway every day to and from work..

Auto and manual brightness, I have mine set to auto and adjustable display colours.. 

So many different options you'll love playing with the setting to get your favourite information being displayed for you..

Whatever settings you choose it's a great addition to any rig and a huge help to my 'pov pack' Triton and something i now could be be without..




Today we headed out to test our new EZY ANCHOR starter kit..

We took the Patrol and the Triton to a spot that we would usually pull up at for a day of fishing, paddle boarding and chilling out..

Rigs parked, we rolled the awnings out and secured the ropes quick as anything using a our own cordless drill and the bit supplied with the 8 bright orange anchor points (easy to see and easy not to fall over) 4 x 200mm and 4 x 280mm screws that are packed away in their own EZY ANCHOR drawstring bag..

We have both spent years camping and caravaning and these EZY ANCHOR tie down points are simply the best thing we've found to secure your rig awning..

The ground where we parked was rock hard... A location we picked on purpose.. We had not used our EZY ANCHOR kit before today so our video which is on our instagram is proof of how ezy the EZY ANCHOR tie downs are to use..

We can't wait for the next day trip or weekend away to use our EZY ANCHOR kits again..

redarc electronics aussie4x4touring review

Smartcharge Battery Charger

Smartcharge Battery Charger

Smartcharge Battery Charger



SMARTCHARGE test and review

We could now go on about specification and technical stuff but if you're a bit like us you just want to know how it works and will it work for me.



The specs you can find on the website:


along with more REDARC ELECTRONICS products that will keep yourself in charge.

The charger is so easy to use, mount it in the garage, shed or in the back of your 4wd, camper, caravan or keep it in the tool box so it’s on hand to use anywhere anytime you have 240 volt.

The DEFA SmartCharge charger will provide battery charging for a huge variety of vehicles and equipment. From cars,4wds, boats, motorbikes, and all recreational vehicles. 


Our AC-DC Battery Charger is kept in the back of the Nissan Patrol and keeps the 120 Ah battery charged up to keep the fridge cold and the compressor primed and ready to inflate the 33’s after an afternoon on the beach or a big day in the bush exploring.


At Aussie4x4Touring we like simple and easy to use. With the Smart Charge Battery Charger it's three easy steps, 

1) connect smart charger to your battery.

Red clamp to positive 

Black clamp to negative 

2) Plug the main plug into your 240v wall socket.

3) Turn the smart charger on and it will automatically do all the work for you till your battery is perfectly charged and ready for your next adventure. 

To disconnect the charger start from step 3 and work back to 1.


The charger thinks for itself and works out the type of battery you have and what charge it will provide to obtain the best battery charge rate without causing damage to it or your charger.

Battery types that are ideal for the smart charge. 

Lead acid, AGM, Gel, Lead Crystal, LiFePO batteries included. 


We all spend countless hours and money on our vehicles, it’s just as important to maintain the battery systems that keep the fridge, freezer and compressor going. By plugging the charger in and keeping your batteries charged you'll prolong their life.

Dont stress if you leave the charger on for long periods of time the SmartCharge Battery Charger will go into sleep mode once its completely charged and will start a new charge sequence after 7 days or if the voltage of the battery drops below 12.6V. How good is that. 

Rated to IP65, meaning it can be outdoors and in damp environments.

DEFA SmartCharge available in 4, 6, 8 and 10 amp models. 

The 4A SmartCharge is well suited for use on batteries rated from 4 to 120Ah.

The 6A SmartCharge is well suited for use on batteries rated from 10 to 150Ah.

The 8A SmartCharge is well suited for larger batteries from 20 to 200Ah.

The 10A SmartCharge is well suited for use on batteries from 20 to 200Ah.

We have used a few different battery chargers throughout the years and have ended up in the bin from not working or not giving out a steady charge. With REDARCelectronics SmartCharge by DEFA we can not fault this amazing charger at all. Setup and pack up is such an ease. 

Last thing you want is a flat or low charged battery before you head out exploring let the Smart Charger take care of the battery while you can think of the trip of a lifetime. 

Link below is straight to redarc electronics website check it out and get yourself in charge. 


Output Current (Max)6ABattery


Input230V AC 50-60HzPower Consumption115W

Inverse Current< 1 mAOutput Voltage14.4/14.7V



IP ClassIP65

Warranty5 Years

Smartcharge Battery Charger

Smartcharge Battery Charger


Survival First Aid Solutions

Survival First Aid Solutions

Survival First Aid Solutions

Survival First Aid Solutions



Survival Emergency Solutions prides itself on superior quality and continual innovation to provide the most responsive first aid solutions for every home, workplace and vehicle in Australia and around the globe.

Survival’s winning formula for intelligent, practical and durable first aid products helps you be prepared for any emergency.

Experience the Survival difference for yourself:

  • Leading first aid design and layout -Designed in Australia by leading first aid experts, the colour-coded labelling system in all first aid KITS enables you to clearly identify first aid contents and explains the typical use for each item.
  • Easy refill and restock options - The numbered labelling system tells you how many of each item you should have – alerting you to replacement requirements and making it clear when you need to refill and restock at our easily accessible Restock Portal. Or simply scan your product QR code.
  • Quality first aid product – First aid KITS are coated in 600D Oxford polyester, which is durable and water resistant. Made with strong zippers, double stitched handles, belt loops and velcro panels allow for easy attachment, and reflective piping for efficient location at night. The outer kit can be wiped down with disinfectant liquid.
  • Customisable and personalised first aid options – Larger first aid KITS feature a personal space section so you can include specific items or additional first aid contents to suit your individual circumstances.
  • Be prepared for any emergency - In addition to an extensive selection of first aid items, first aid KITS also contain CPR instructions to support your first aid training in the case of an emergency.

Survival Emergency Solutions is the preferred choice of many police, fire and emergency services in Australia.

Survival First Aid Solutions

Survival First Aid Solutions


Street Guardian

SG9663DC (2 cameras) Full 1080 HD

SG9663DC (2 cameras) Full 1080 HD

SG9663DC (2 cameras) Full 1080 HD



We have been running #Streetguardian DashCams for a while now, if you're in the market for a new DashCam or looking at updating, Street Guardian is where to look.

Sleek designs and yet very capable for 4wd use aswell. We have hit some rough roads and (Blake) nearly rolling his 4wd the strong suction cup mounts kept the camera in place with no dramas. While also catching some awesome footage at the same time. 

We highly recommend using Street Guardian driver recorders. 

Heres the 3 below we have been using.

The SG9663DC is a Dual Channel (2 cameras) FULL HD 1080P (both cameras) DashCam Digital Video Recorder. 

Features include:


➖NOVATEK 96663 Processor

➖SONY EXMOR R CMOS Sensor (Front Camera)

➖SONY EXMOR CMOS Sensor (Rear Camera)

➖Full HD (1080p) recording at 30fps (both Cameras)

➖7 Element all glass lens (both cameras)

➖H.264 Recording @ up to 18MBit per channel

➖GPS Logging

➖CPL Filter

SGGCX2PRO Full 1080 HD

SG9663DC (2 cameras) Full 1080 HD

SG9663DC (2 cameras) Full 1080 HD



The SGGCX2PRO is a Set-it-and-Forget-it, FULL HD 1080P DashCam Video Security Car Digital Video Recorder. The ‘Tiny Yet Mighty!’ stealthy design is everything you need, ready to go in this Deluxe Kit. Sold as a single channel camera, with the option to purchase a secondary rear camera, for full dual channel recording.

Features include:









SG9665XS V2 Full 1080 HD

SG9663DC (2 cameras) Full 1080 HD

SG9665XS V2 Full 1080 HD



The SG9665XS V2 is a FULL HD 1080P DashCam Video Security Car Digital Video Recorder. The ‘Tiny Yet Mighty!’ stealthy design is everything you need, ready to go in this Deluxe Kit.

Features include:







idrive - throttle controller

iDRIVE - Australia's highest selling and most advanced throttle controller


If your looking for value for money and a easy modification for your 4wd look no further than the i-drive throttle control. It's amazing what this little module can do.


I-Drives 4 options 

OFF MODE - applys standard settings to your vehicle.

ULTIMATE MODE - select 0 - 9 of awesome throttle response.

ECO MODE - select 0 - 9 of easy throttle.

AUTO MODE - this mode is interesting this will select ECO OR ULTIMATE automatically by the pedal pressure you apply. Light easy pressure and ECO mode will kick in.

Put your pedal into the floor and you will know when ULTIMATE kicks in, just hold on and enjoy how i-drive can make your 4wd experience so much better.

Stag Automotive - Mobile Phone Mounts

Stag Automotive - Cause no one likes a sloppy mount..

Stag Automotive - Cause no one likes a sloppy mount..


Stag Automotive - Cause no one likes a sloppy mount..

Stag Automotive - Cause no one likes a sloppy mount..

Stag Automotive - Cause no one likes a sloppy mount..


STAG AUTOMOTIVE charging mounts.

We have been running #STAGautomovtive

Charging mounts and non charging mounts in our 4wds for the last month now.

And from our personal interaction and tests you really can not compare to anything else on the markert. 

From throwing our 4wds around in the bush to corrugated roads on our way to the next camp these mounts have kept our phones charged non-stop.

Not once have the STAG AUTOMOTIVE MOUNTS given up on us. 

They really have thought about the design and how hard they work to keep up with us on the track.

The team at AUSSIE4X4TOURING highly recommend STAG AUTOMOTIVE MOUNTS. 

Click on the Stag Automotive website link below so you can have a look at their products and never have a dead phone while out on the tracks. 

You never know when you need to call for help. 

STAG AUTOMOTIVE has you covered 



Here's some of its features 

➖Strongest magnets on the market hold all phones of all sizes securely in place!

➖Super sticky suction cup ensures it never drops off your windscreen or dash!

➖Radiation shielding

➖Qi Standard, Fast Charge capable 10W

➖Advanced temperature control

➖Rotating head ensures 360 degrees to suit your viewing preference


Phones that are compatible for wireless charging.

Apple iPhone: 8, 8 Plus, X

Samsung Galaxy: Note 9, S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge

Stag Automotive - Cause no one likes a sloppy mount..