Welcome to Aussie 4x4 Touring - for the 4wd community

Welcome to Aussie 4x4 Touring - for the 4wd community

Welcome to Aussie 4x4 Touring - for the 4wd community Welcome to Aussie 4x4 Touring - for the 4wd community

Catch of the Month March -3




Fish➖ flat head 

Location ➖ 400m off shelley beach 

Port Macquarie 

Bait/lure ➖ mullet 

This one is definitely not the biggest catch we have seen but it still counts as a catch

Catch of the month March - 2

Adam Duck



Fish➖ 34kg jew fish

Location ➖ stockton beach NSW 

Bait/lure ➖ pilly on 3 gang hook 

This awesome catch also made the boat and fishing magazine.

catch of the month march - 1




Fish➖ shovel nose shark 

Location ➖ sunshine coast mooloolaba

Bait/lure ➖ prawns 

Out in a passage i threw a line out with a prawn on and within a minute there was a slight pull on the line, it didnt bite hard but once i realised there was weight on the line and gave it a couple pulls it had a good run, put up a fight for about 5 minutes before i got it back into the boat certainly wasnt what i was expecting when it came up.

Catch of the Month - December


Harry Cassar

Fish➖Mulloway (Jewfish)  29kg 153 cm

Location ➖ Crowdy Head

Bait/lure ➖hard body lure

One arvo after school I went out to the beach for a swim with some mates then had a flick then I thought I got (3rd cast) snagged but a big jewy started taking line, it took about 1/2 hour to bring in we didn’t even have a gaff.

Catch of the Month - November


Brianna Barbara

Fish - 1m Flat Head

Location - Old Bar Beach NSW

Live bait (Nippers) 

This beauty of a fish was one of the best fights I have had with a fish as it was also my first time catching a fish of this size.

Took me 40 minutes to reel her in from the mouth of the beach. At that time I wasn’t even going for bigger fish, my dad was going for Jew fish and I just went along to try and catch some live bait that was a decent size to attract the Jew fish, so that was a shocking surprise for myself! As she had eggs in her, I gave her a nice kiss and photo and tossed her back. That catch just reminded me of how much I love and enjoy fishing.




We are starting our new blog for our mad fishing followers 

" CAST A LINE " from salt to fresh water fishing. We want to see your shots. 

once a month we will find the best shot with the most likes that will be featured on our website with locations and any handy tips use would like to share with us. 

We are starting off with the team from 


These fellas have been traveling up and down the coast catching some awesome fish on their way.

Jordie Gibson 


Location - kendall NSW

Fish - 49cm bass

Lure/Bait - pink diver

Hudson Mccarron


Location - hungry head NSW 

Fish - long tail tuna 

Lure/Bait - stick bait


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